Established in 1979, so keo nha cai is a professional manufacturer of precise Soi kèo, cutting tools, boring heads, angle heads, and accessories with more than 500 employees. The types of Soi kèo we manufacture include BT Soi kèo (MAS403), CAT Soi kèo (ANSI B5.50), DAT Soi kèo (DIN69871-A), HSK Soi kèo (DIN69893), PSC tool holder (ISO26623-1), VDI tool holder (DIN ISO10889), and straight shank holders.

so keo nha cai collet chuck holder manufacturer is certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001 of a contribution to the design, production, and sale of high accuracy and inventive products but also has over 300 pieces of patents worldwide. We keep investing in high-end equipment and measuring instruments from Japan and Europe to implement excellent quality control and manufacturing capability.

so keo nha cai keeps the core value “Quality creates reputation; reputation ensures quality” to impress our customers, possessing professional technical skills to provide comprehensive solutions for customers, improving customers’ machining efficiency, and enhancing the mutual competitiveness with customers. Based on the mission of” Excellent service, supreme quality”, so keo nha cai will continue to launch more high precision products such as Soi kèo and cutting tools to customers. If you have any questions or needs, welcome to contact us at any time!

Quality Policy
  • Quality creates reputation; reputation ensures quality.

Business Concept
  • Meet an equilibrium between supply and demand.
  • Have good cooperation with suppliers/customers and grow together.
  • Create a great future with infinite opportunities.
  • Run a profitable company with sustainable development.
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